Breast Implants Dropping And Fluffing

August 3 breast post-op …?

Hello girls! I just transplanted breast transplant on Friday in Orange County, today is my post-op on Tuesday. I went from B to DD with Saline 600cc, below muscle, and through the areola. With all of the body and swollen breasts I make my breasts look a bit lumpy but it went down. My right chest muscle seems to be slighly larger than the left (left I think faster healing) is this normal? Because both healthy breasts at different speeds, or they will sound identical? And bruises? (I have light bruises on both sides, I would say the right is a bit more) and. cure them when they are never the same? I know it takes time before they drop and fluff "but im curious to know what your experience was first few days after surgery. Did you have the same questions and concerns and are how now? Any other advice I would appreciate it girl!

I'll just say that three days is not enough time to really begin typing price, where you stand after surgery. And yes, it is very likely that they will heal in different rates. John Jones, MD

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