Big Breast Implants

big breast implants

Get what is Right for You: Breast Implant Sizes

Are you thinking about getting cosmetic surgery to increase the size of your chest? You are not alone. In fact, many women considering breast augmentation in Houston, TX want to determine the right size for them before visiting doctors and getting their opinions. Breast implant sizes are good to be educated on before you reach the cosmetic surgeon’s office.

Breast implant sizes can be small if you don’t want a big change or are very petite to begin with or big if you do not appear proportional. Instead of determining the amount of cc’s you want before your consultation with a Houston cosmetic surgeon, determine what size you would like to be. In addition, you will be surprised to see that someone with implants who appears to be a C cup actually wears a D cup. The width of the breast usually makes you one cup size larger than you look when you have breast implants.

To determine which of the breast implant sizes will work best for you, you can try the rice test. This test is not completely accurate, but it will give you an idea how big or small you want to go when it comes to your breast surgery. How do you perform the test? You will need pantyhose (cut), rice and a full-figured bra or sports bra. One cup of rice is equal to about 236 cc. Fill the pantyhose up with the desired amount of rice and try them on under a sports bra or a full-figure bra. This will give you a pretty good idea of how you will look with different breast implant sizes.

How do you know you’re going too far? Well, most people want their breasts to look natural even if they’ve had breast surgery. If you are small and petite everywhere else, double-D boobs are going to appear disproportionate to the rest of your body. That being said, you want to try on different breast sizes via the rice test mentioned above. The full-figure bras give you a good idea what size you are looking at becoming with a certain amount of cc’s. The larger the implants are, the larger the risk is that your breasts will drop faster over time. No one wants saggy implants. This is an area to pay special attention to.

All in all, breast implant sizes are more complicated than they seem. It is best to research and figure out what size breasts you want before seeing your cosmetic surgeon in Houston about breast augmentation. There’s a wealth of knowledge on the internet about breast implants and a few different tests you can try. Be sure to choose the right one among breast implant sizes that makes you feel the most comfortable and beautiful at the same time!

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